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“7 Insomnia Cures That Sleep Experts Swear By” by


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So many people need help with sleep. And there is a lot of “advice” thrown out there on the internet. Typically this “advice” is non-medical writers gathering info or sometimes interviewing whatever expert they can get access to so they can create content that will draw readers so the site can sell things or advertising. This story’s advice is similar. There are some good tips here, but there are also a couple “misses”. See our library of sleep topics for the straight scoop from medical experts.


1. Please don’t wear blue-blocking glasses during the bright daylight hours. Nature is set up to have blue light block melatonin production when we are supposed to be awake. This is a good thing. The problem comes when we block melatonin production when we should be sleepy. Blue light from electronics and indoor bright lighting are the culprits. We also have guidance on how to use blue light blocking sunglasses effectively for shift workers in managing one’s sleep cycle. Work with Mother Nature. Don’t fight her.


2. The big, most important concept is somewhat alluded to but never really addressed well. The most common challenge people have with falling asleep is turning off the brain. This is a skill. Tips and tricks are intersting and helpful in trying to “trick” our brains into being distracted enough to lose conscousness. But developing the skill and practices to shift gears into sleep mode is the real main issue.


We should also be aware of the hype factor in practicing our discrimination skills. The terms “cures” and “swear by” are puffery and should put your red flags up. They are promising what they can’t deliver right up front. This may be common these days, but it doesn’t make it right or helpful. Legitimate balanced medical grade advice doesn’t do puffery and hype. Real medical experts won’t “swear by” a few tips. They also are very leery of using the term “cure” because it is such an absolute statement and nature is rarely that absolute. A chronic, grey-scale issue like sleep difficulties is not a condition that a responsible professional would use the term “cure” for.


So put your energies into learning to manage your physicology and mind in harmony with nature. And sleep REALLY well!

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